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JAECE .,   Volume(2) - Issue(1), 2016
pp 10-20,   http://dx.doi.org/10.18831/djece.org/2016011002

A Review of Model-Based Predictive Control and its Applications

P.M Diaz;


In technologies including power semiconductors, converter topologies, automatic control, analog and digital electronics, technical development has been achieved and industrial applications are influenced and driven by the evolution of power electronics and its control. The important reason is that, although Model-based Predictive Control (MPC) presents high computational load, it can handle multivariable cases, system constraints and nonlinearities easily in a very intuitive way. Taking advantage of these factors, model-based predictive control has been successfully employed for diverse uses such as in power converters, active front end connected to RL loads, uninterruptible supplies of power and high performance drive for induction machines. In this review, a brief summary of the new developments and recent trends in the MPC theoretical study area and applications are given. It points out that the MPC study for large scale systems, quick dynamic systems, less cost systems and nonlinear systems will be important for the further growth of MPC theory and broadening of MPC application fields. In short, this paper delivers a review of the model-based predictive control and its applications focussing on power electronics and drives.


Power semiconductors, Power converter, Dynamic systems, RL loads, Predictive control.

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